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Second stage

Saturday 09 September 2023

Ben Marwood came to Reading for a short while to study at the University. He’s still here, 20 years on.

A singer-songwriter with a guitar style somewhere between folk and rock and a twisting, poetic tongue-in-cheek lyrical style, Marwood has drawn inspiration over the years from fellow folk fingerpickers Johnny Flynn, Fionn Regan, Elliott Smith and Frank Turner to name but a few.

With three albums to date released through London label Xtra Mile – Outside There’s A Curse (2011), Back Down (2013) and Get Found (2017) – he’s been threatening a fourth album for a while, but it’s harder to fit in since he got married, adopted a cat and took up gardening. It’s definitely coming though.

Despite having done this for a while touring the UK, Germany and America, and playing in living rooms, churches, skate parks, nightclubs, arts centres, underground cinemas, above-ground cinemas, pubs,festivals and parties, this is the probably the first time he’s ever played an Abbey. It’s about time too.